A sensor based game

A sensor based game

About the game

  • Date: 18/10/2013
  • Course: Advanced physical computing
  • Team: Benjamin, Daniel, Jens

This project’s focus was to better understand the capabilities of various sensors. Here we worked with a microprocessor called ATMega8 and used it to program a small adventure game where the objective was to ‘travel’ to and island and find the hidden treasure.

The game consisted of an accelerometer, pressure sensor, distance (ping) sensor, hall (magnetic) sensor and a potentiometer. Combined, the game had five different game modes where the selected game was chosen randomly. The objective in each game was to move the light from one LED over to another by giving the sensor the correct input


  • Program each sensor in Arduino
  • Design a gamemode which used the data input
  • Design the theme and layout of the boardgame
  • Spend the remaining time playing the game

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