Bachelor project

Bachelor project

About the project

  • Date: 17/01/2014
  • Course: Bachelor project
  • Team: Benjamin, Daniel, Jens

In my bachelor project, we explored how IT can assist the psychological treatment of children aged 7 to 12 who suffer from fear of darkness. A close collaboration with a psychologist, from Angstklinikken Aarhus, helped us to ensure the development process ended up with a valid and useful product. Throughout our development we had in mind that we did not wish to replace the current treatment with the psychologist, but instead make a product which supports it. Also, since psychology is a very cautious field, we put focus on making an as pervasive as possible system, so it did not violate the children’s normal life.

Our concept had three elements in in: The first was a light bulb with possibility of variable brightness and remote control. The second was a smartphone application, which among other, controls the light in the light bulb. Further, the app included a game, which purpose was to keep the children motivated to complete the tasks the psychologist has given them. The third element was a website for the psychologist, where they could follow the children’s progress.

With the application the child could do specific exercises by exposing themselves to darkness. The exercises consisted of two adjustable variables: time and level of darkness. Depending of the child’s mental state, they could challenge themselves to how dark the room should be and the duration of time.

The prototype was tested together with children from Angstklinikken, which showed great results and possibilities.


  • Meeting with the psychologist
  • Idea generation based on the information
  • Sketching ideas
  • Building the prototype in Android
  • UI made in Illustrator
  • Early user tests
  • Refining prototype

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