Custom game controller

Custom game controller

About the controller

  • Date: 24/10/2014
  • Course: 3D prototyping
  • Team: Benjamin, Christina, Daniel, Levi

We created a physical game controller for the game Tinertia, which is a platformer game, where the objective is to rocket launch yourself through various obstacles and get to the end of the map.

Our aim were to create an alternative way of interacting the avatar in the game, by creating a custom made controller. The controller used an Arduino with two build-in thumbsticks to control the inner and outer movable parts.


  • Created foam prototypes to get a better understanding of the propertions.
  • Made technical drawings of the dimensions.
  • Created 3D models in Rhino
  • The models were later 3D printed and painted.
  • The electronics were implemented and wired up.
  • It was later programmed with an arduino.

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