About DareBox

  • Date: 06/07/2012
  • Course: IT-Productdesign project
  • Team: Camilla, Christian, Daniel, Pætur

The theme for this project was wealthfare technology. We chose to work in the field of prevention through exercises. Specifically we worked with teenagers who spend a lot of time playing games. Our goal was to create a system which motivates them to exercise 30-60 minutes a day to prevent the development of obesity and associated lifestyle diseases.

We build a prototype, called DareBox, which by a Kinect camera tracked various physical exercises like jumping jacks.

Each day, the DareBox gave the user an amount of exercises. The Darabox also had a reward system where the user would earn points by completing daily challenges. These points could be spend in an webshop to get discounts on game related merchandise. Further, each player could challenge his or her friends to do some specific exercises.


  • Concept model made in Sketchup
  • Rendered in Blender
  • Physical model made in wood
  • UI made in Illustrator
  • Poster made in InDesign
  • Programmed in Visual studio

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