Full body instrument

Full body instrument

About the instrument

  • Date: 21/03/2012
  • Course: Physical design
  • Team: Camilla, Christian, Daniel and Pætur

This was my first project at the university. We investigated how we could build a playful full body music instrument for children at the age of 10.

The instrument was divided into 12 different zones, each representing a different instrument like a drum, guitar and a trumpet.

The two rings on on side changed two different types of effects. To select a beat, each of colored zones could be activated by hitting it and depending on applied force the volume would change.

On the top was placed a spinning wheel, which increased or decreased the tempo of the beat. To visually represent the tempo, a small ball was placed on top of the wheel.


  • Concept model made in Sketchup
  • Sensors were controlled by an Arduino
  • Distance sensor, Pressure Sensor, Hall sensor
  • Music was controlled by Pure data

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