Innovation project with VW

Innovation project

About the project

  • Date: 26/06/2015
  • Course: Innovation project
  • Team: Asger, Daniel, Mathias, Morten

In the spring of 2015 a project course “Innovation Project” led me to the exiting opportunity of doing a design project in coorporation with the car manufacturer, Volkswagen AG. It was a group project with a time-span of 7 weeks during which several prototypes were developed, both low fidelity and high(er) fidelity concluding with a presentation of the concept and prototype at the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

During the course I took the extra role for the entire class as the poster designer, leading to extra tasks such as communication through visual illustrations and making sure every poster fulfilled the requirements of the agreed theme.

As everyone who attended the course agreed to sign a non disclosure agreement, I cannot go into details with the specific prototypes developed, nor can I disclose the results.

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