Interactive museum experience

Interactive museum experience

About the experience

  • Date: 13/01/2015
  • Course: Interactive spaces
  • Team: Asger, Daniel, Mathias, Morten

Together with Antikmuseet Aarhus, we created an interactive experience which tells a story about the Tesserae from the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria. The tempel which no longer exist due to the war.

We wanted to create an experience where the visitor would travel back in time and explore how the Temple looked back then.


  • Created foam models of the area we were working within
  • The virtual world was created in unity and Oculus rift.
  • The tempal of Palmyra was modelling in Blender and exported to unity.
  • The tessara was modelled in Rhino and later 3D printed.
  • The exibition was being tested together with a school class.
  • The poster was made in InDesign.

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