Lego theif game

Lego thief game

About the project

  • Date: 23/08/2014
  • Course: Digital control in a physical world
  • Team: Anders, Daniel, Jesper, Marc, Morten

This project was about creating embedded systems through Lego mindstorm’s NXT. Here we worked with various sensors to gather data and use it to make a robot react upon it.
We created a game, where the objective was to rob a highly secured bank. The player controlled the thief and throughout the bank, were guards and automated doors which closed if a signal was activated. The guard robots were autonomous and reacted upon different kinds og signals.


  • Work with the sensors to check their capabilities
  • Design and build the robots
  • Design the layout of the bank
  • Program the robots to have the intended behavior
  • Setup the bluetooth communication
  • Play the game

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