Life of a drone

Life of a drone

About the project

  • Date: 27/06/2014
  • Course: Social and Aesthetic Interaction
  • Team: Daniel, Emil, Laurits, Søren

Imagine a life where drones have gotten citizenship and have taken control of the society. How would the life be? What if humans had become slaves to the drones, but the drones still needed the humans to operate? These are the questions we worked with for seven weeks.
Through design fiction, we worked with a series of explorative design experiments to answer the above questions.


  • Mapping the ideas, materials, mental states and inspiration.
  • Sketched how we imagined the drone could look like.
  • Created the persona of the drone, our design challenge and images of one of our experiments.
  • Created the 3D model of the drone.
  • Created a 3D printed model of the drone.
  • Made thr storyboard used to create a short movie of the scenario.
  • Made the 3D models of the environment for the movie
  • Made the movie

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