Master thesis

Master’s thesis

About the thesis

  • Date: 26/06/2016
  • Course: Master’s thesis
  • Team: Asger, Daniel, Mathias

In my master thesis we investigated how a game can help encouraging children to collaborate and negotiate with each other. We created a game, which required two people to be completed. The objective of the game was to collect boxes which were placed on various location around the map. The players controlled a single ball together, where the controls of the ball were divided in two. The first player controlled the movement of the ball and the second player controlled three different types of abilities. The abilities varied between movement speed, jump height and ball size. The game consisted of three different maps, which all differed in how they are supposed to be completed.

Besides the game, we created two different physical controllers; a sphere and a cube. The sphere was used to move the ball around. This was done by tilting the ball in the desired direction. The cube could increase and decrease the speed, jump high and the change the size of the ball by rotating it either left or right. Further, by lifting the cube upwards would make the ball jump.

The controllers were created by using RFduino,s accelerometer and gyroscopes. The game has been developed in Unity and the models in Blender.

In the end, we tested the game together with several children from the center for after school care, at Sams√łgadeskolen.


  • We created 3 iterations of the controllers. Two of them was made by Makey Makeys
  • Each iteration was tested together with the children.
  • The game was made in Unity.
  • The game objects was modelled in blender.
  • The latests version of the controllers were made on a lasercutter
  • The controllers were programmed in Arduino.

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