Social interaction

Social interaction

About the project

  • Date: 27/06/2014
  • Course: Social and Aesthetic Interaction
  • Team: Daniel

This project was about designing a social engaging artefact which should be used in a public setting. I had decided that my target group was tourists and I wanted to create an artefact which promoted an attraction in Aarhus, the art museum called Aros. My desire was to create an activity which required at least two people to participate. I got inspired by a leaflet with an image of the museum and believed there had to be a more exiting way of communicating the the information.

This was done, by creating a large puzzle game. What made this puzzle different compared to standard puzzle games, was how you were supposed to solve it. In order to see what the image represented, you had to look at it from a specific angle. It therefore encouraged to collaboration between two or more people.


  • The model was made in Sketchup and rendered in Blender
  • The angle was found by aligning the top of each board
  • The holes for the boards where then cut into the box below
  • The image was then mapped on the model
  • Afterwards the image was sliced in pieces in with Photoshop
  • Each image was printed and afterwards glued on the boards

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