Urban intervention about stress

Urban intervention about stress

About the intervention

  • Date: 20/03/2015
  • Course: Urban intervention
  • Team: Asger, Daniel, Mathias

This project was about an intervention staged in an urban environment. The goal was to intervene in people’s daily life in order to create awareness of stress and start a conversation about the topic. We wanted to see how the pedestrians reacted when they got confronted by the intervention. Our hope was to motivate them to contribute and share their own problems with the ther pedestrians to start a public discussion.

The intervention was two folded. On the outside we created a wall which showed different advices from Stressforeningen, on how to deal with stress. On the inside was an empty wall with the question: “What gives you stress?”. The intention was to make people share their thoughts with each other and to make them reflect on the topic.


  • Created foam models of the scenario
  • Made stop-motion videos
  • Builded the intervention is full zised scale
  • Painted the different advices ont the wall
  • Move everything to the city center.
  • Executed the intervention and later edited the movie.

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